Comedy Is Hard!

A humiliated comedy writer steals a nasty TV Producer's limo and kidnaps his precocious kids on the pretense of taking them to summer camp. The kids love it and never want to go home, and he becomes the successful producer of his own comedy showcase theater. I wrote the lead for Martin Short before he became famous. (Saturday Night Live goes to Woodstock) Footnote: Even Aristophanes thought a fart was funny!



Going The Distance

A poor inner city kid who can't dribble a basketball hopes to escape a life of poverty and crime and send his Mom to college by winning a prestigious spelling bee. Much better than "Akela And The Bee". (An After School Special/Family Drama) (Breckenridge Film Fest 2001 Finalist; New Century 2002 Finalist; Hollywood's Next Success Q-Finalist 2003; Scriptapalooza 2004 Q-Finalist)



Save Lincoln!

Three brothers - a Quaker, a clueless actor and a rascally con man, all resembling John Wilkes Booth, unwittingly stumble into his assassination plot. Complete with a circus, Civil War battles, swordplay and chases through the streets of Washington on foot and horseback, the Marx Brothers meet the Keystone Kops in this nail-biting comedy of errors just in time for the Civil War Sesquicentennial. (Comedy/Action) (Open Door 2002 Finalist; New Century 2002 Finalist; Filmmakers/Radmin 2003 Finalist; Scriptapalooza 2004 Semi-Finalist)



Exacting Justice

A charming Wall Street lawyer comes under suspicion when witnesses against his clients mysteriously die. A Justice Department Prosecutor jeopardizes her life and career when she succumbs to his dark side. A deliciously vicarious Suspense tale a la Hitchcock. (Open Door Contest First Place Winner; Fade In Contest Q-Finalist; Austin Film Fest Q-Finalist 2001; New Century Writers 2002 Finalist)



Jury Duty

Friends summoned to jury duty are reluctant to serve because they have something to hide. (Written as a spec script for a once popular sitcom. You may recognize the names, although they are fictitious and any relationship to the title character is entirely coincidental.)




Relentless rain gives newlyweds a case of psychopathic cabin fever. (An amusing memoir commemorated in a 30 minute sitcom pilot.)



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